welcome home

Monterey Bay Comes Into View

Coming home to the Monterey Peninsula never gets old. When I reach my home in Pebble Beach I take a deep breath and enjoy the perfectly fresh and cool ocean breeze. But just getting there is a treat. 

When you exit Highway One from Highway 101 the scenery immediately changes. You drive past lots of agricultural areas, punctuated by a beautiful grove of eucalyptus trees. You then pass by Castroville, the artichoke capital of the world. Those fields are followed by acres of fresh lettuce coming out of the ground. The vistas already are triggering the relaxation process.

The next major landmark is what used to be Fort Ord and is now California State University Monterey Bay, where buildings that were once barracks have been converted to classrooms and residence halls. You can still see the sand berms where raw recruits learned to shoot their weapons. 

For me, the next part of the drive is the most inspiring. As Highway One gently curves past Marina the totality of Monterey Bay comes into view. You can see white water breaking against sand beaches. As the bay curves to the North, you capture views of Fisherman’s Wharf and the fishing fleet. The tallest building you’ll see is the Monterey Sheraton, which marks the edge of downtown. Further north Cannery Row is visible, with Lover’s Point not too far beyond. In the distance you can see Pacific Grove where it meets the Pacific. I never get tired of this magnificent welcome home. From not too far ahead, I enter the gate into the Seventeen Mile Drive and the impressive forest of Monterey Pines. 

This experience feels like a dream, but I get to enjoy it every day as a resident. My goal is to share this dream come true with others who seek to make Pebble Beach or Carmel their next home.

Chris Papas Blog #3