The Vintner

He emerges from the building brushing the dust from his overalls. Slowly walking between barrels sitting in the sun he breaks into a smile and greets us with a warm "buenos tardes." He is the vintner at a small winery. He carefully tends the wines and fills each bottle with a flavor unique to the way he feels wines must be made.

This is a regular occurrence as we travel through Europe, first creating relationships and then selecting the best of the winery to pass along to our customers. We like to know the people producing the grapes and bottling the wine. This is how highly localized and distinctive tastes find their way into our inventory, at a wide range of prices. Distant Cultures have been enjoying fine wines for centuries and this is how we meet our objective of carrying out the legacy.

Bringing People Together

The sound of a wine bottle cork popping is a universal beginning to many social conversations.  At Bottle Diplomacy we believe in finding and offering wines from round the world that introduce distant cultures to anyone who is up for the adventure.