Money Talks

Regain control of your portfolio by coming to Monterey Private Wealth. We listen, tell you what we r

Ad series designed for Monterey Private Wealth, an investment firm in Monterey Bay. Ad designed to draw new clients by addressing concerns about working with a money manager.

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Bullet Points


Animal Blood Bank was a start-up providing blood products to veterinarians. This ad earned highest "read most" score in American Veterinary News.

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Nest Egg


Second ad in series for Monterey Private Wealth, a money management firm in  scenic Monterey Bay, created to draw new clients by addressing concerns about working with a money manager.


Live Aloha


Complete rebranding and program development designed to increase traffic at underperforming Keauhou Shopping Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. 


Up Your Game


By-lined content written for Golf Cart Resource  web site and FB pages. Readers 'have a laugh'  while they read about everything they ever wanted to know about golf.


The Best Medicine


Canopy Health: 

Branding direction for new health care company. Headlines.


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SAMPLES continued

Vintage Vineyards


For Bottle Diplomacy: Content storytelling for wine distributor that visits small wineries in Europe who develops a relationship with the wine maker.

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Welcome Home


Chris Papas Broker Agent: Content for Pebble Beach residental real estate broker wishing to share her lifestyle experience in Pebble Beach to attract affluent prospects. Used on website, blog and newsletter.

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Bottoms Up


Bottle Diplomacy Brand Positioning document for a boutique wine distributor who specializes in small wineries in Italy and France.

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The Doctor Is In


:30 and :15 radio spot scripts to introduce Canopy Health's 24/7 video visits to the public.

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Giving The Bird


Thanksgiving is no time to get your feathers ruffled.

 e-mail blast for JWilliams Staffing, Temporary staffing for new-home sales offices.

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Be Afraid..Be Very Afraid

Cart of the month posting for

Ghosthawk - Cart of the month posting for - bylined post Ken Becker BECKERWRITES


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Be Very Afraid


Cart of the Month Web Post


by Ken Becker


Tomberlin is kicking off 2019 with a lifted cart that looks hungry. You might just be on the menu because this is one exceptional electric vehicle you will want to have turning heads at the clubhouse.

Enter the Ghosthawk, which you’ll discover is a very appropriate name. This cart has presence, with a dramatic front end that could give the denizens of the cart barn nightmares. It is elegant in its very tough simplicity and complex at the same time because it has features you won’t find anywhere else. 

According to their main marketing guy, “The Tomberlin Ghosthawk has become one of the most popular models in the entire Tomberlin line.” That’s saying something, because Tomberlin has always offered something for almost everyone.

Let’s break this beast down and see what all the excitement is about. The design speaks for itself in both the two-passenger and four-passenger versions. The lifted body mounted on new 23” all terrain tires with black aluminum wheels is something you can’t take your eyes off. The body sports ghosted black automotive paint that matches the painted roof, accented by ghosted badging. 

Seating is luxury two-toned high-back seats with an embroidered logo on the headrest. You can choose from two or four front-facing seats or a rear-facing fold down seat with a sweater basket and a golf bag holder. Even the steering wheel is custom along with four cupholders. This may seem like a lot, but we are just getting started.

The performance also tops the charts with a 17 HP AC drive regenerative braking motor. The controller has 450 amps and everything gets its juice from a 1,050 watt on-board smart charger. To keep things smooth there is a new six inch lifted independent dual A-Arm suspension, double rack and pinion steering and front and rear adjustable shocks with an anti-roll sway bar. All of these goodies come with a five-year limited warranty. 

One of the most innovative features is an industry first…standard electric power steering. You’ll feel like you are driving a luxury automobile and be able to maneuver in an out of tight spots with ease.

Safety was also a big concern when the Ghosthawk was being developed. Included are three-point seatbelts for all passengers, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes with front discs and rear drums, a Smart Park™ electric parking brake and two forward speed and reverse control switches. 

Visibility is enhanced by high/low beam LED headlights, side and rear-view mirrors, self-cancelling turn signals and a horn. The dash has a digital illuminated speedometer, dual locking glove boxes and controls for the emergency flashers and the LED tail/brake lights.

Yes, there is even more that you’ll have to find out for yourself, as my fingers are getting fatigued with so much to write about. According to one dealer, “Tomberlin has successfully filled a critical void in the marketplace with the Ghosthawk. Its’ styling has been an absolute showstopper. But it’s the test drive when the magic happens and our customers are completely blown away. This cart is a pleasure to drive.” 

So be afraid, because you just might need to have your own Ghosthawk to ring in the new year in style.