Bottoms Up


Travel around the world is a life-changing experience. Discovering different cultures. Savoring new tastes. Making friends from a totally different background. Soaking in the entire experience and letting it open your eyes to even more adventures.

Not everyone has the time or funds to venture out on journeys across the globe, but there is another way to capture the excitement and enjoyment of a new region and its people. And, Bottle Diplomacy makes it is easy as opening a bottle of carefully sourced and selected wine. 

Bottle Diplomacy imports fine wines from Spain and Italy, but it does so in a way unique to the industry. Our principals do the travel for you, discovering individually owned wineries in all areas of these two countries. And, we don’t just stop by for a few tastings and order cases of product shipped to a warehouse. We build relationships with each vintner, so that over time we can really know the people producing the grapes and bottling the wine. We want to learn why they make wine the way they do and how they create localized tastes that are different from all others. In the same way a professional athletic team scouts all the local prospects to find players that can deliver the best results, we scout all the smaller wineries looking for just the right elements that deliver flavor and complexity that expresses the source.

The vintners we source and select create wines that reflect the individual traits and tastes of the surrounding community. When you open a bottle, regardless of the price, you are opening a door to their world and their daily labor to produce wines of which they can be proud. 

Diplomacy is defined as the conduct of international relations. Bottle Diplomacy introduces international wines and the cultures behind them to everyone who can appreciate a delicious glass of wine. If it sounds like a lot of work, it is. We don’t have the legendary creature of a dragon in our logo for no reason. We fly in and don’t give up until our quest for a great vintage and taste has been satisfied. Our distributors and customers can always count on Bottle Diplomacy for unmeasured quality and a unique taste for every palate. Many people have said, “I don’t know wine, but I know what I like.” Anything that comes from Bottle Diplomacy will offer a great taste experience, regardless of the drinker’s knowledge of wine. Distant cultures have been enjoying fine wines for centuries, and our objective is to carry that legacy forward.