Tell a compelling story and people will listen.  We are storytellers. We write creative copy and attention-grabbing content, using appropriate voices consumers will relate to.  We write for all media: websites, social platforms, hard copy, online media, blog posts, cold messages, warm messages, long form and short form copy. The hundreds of :60 and :30 radio spots we've created  are all stories, told in a tiny sliver of time using only a handful of words. We create concepts.  We are copywriters. We are storytellers. We write content.

Ken's Golf Experience


I knew I wanted to work in advertising since I was 14. I've been weaving compelling stories over every form of media throughout my career. My writing commands attention using headlines and copy that hold and persuade. In addition to  being a percussionist and golfer, I am known as a storyteller with a good sense of humor, (which comes in handy on the golf course) so one-liner headlines come to me with ease.



My  search for authenticity spans decades of study of the human condition. In branding and creative sessions, I represent the consumer and guide our writing to create stories that draw the audience into the experience. I am a ruthless editor, with focus on clarity, continuity, cadence and brand support.  Stories written for content work better if they have a rhythm composed of  words and phrases that grab and hold the readers attention.  I've got rhythm.